Paint My Cat

The magical coloring book that comes to life

Magical Coloring

Ever wished you could bring your coloring pictures to life? Now you can – with Paint My Cat, the first ever app of its kind!

Use the in-app painting tools to color your cat and his playthings and then bring him magically to life.

Or, use markers, crayons or pencils to color our special printed pages, use the iPad to capture your work of art, and then play with it in a 3D augmented reality world.


Paint, Magic, Play!

Fun Painting Tools

Easy enough for young kids to use. Flexible enough for adults to have hours of fun too!

Magic Wand

No other app has a magic wand like this! The wand transforms your pictures into real 3D characters and objects!

Augmented Reality Mode

Miss coloring the old-fashioned way with crayons, pens or paint? Great! Print out our special pages, color them, point your iPad at your picture, and see it come alive right in your room!


See Our Magical Colouring App In Action



Paint Your Cat

Paint your cat with the easy-to-use painting tools. The magic wand charges as you paint…


Bring Your Cat To Life

Use the magic wand to bring your cat to life and transform him into a fully animated 3D character.


Play With Your Cat

Tickle, roll over, sleep, throw ball. Play more with your cat to unlock new exciting rooms and levels with more to color.


Paint Your World

Paint everything in the your cat’s world! Paint his bed, room and ball, using the magic wand to turn them into 3D objects.

In later levels, customize accessories for your cat to wear and new objects for him to play with.



About Us

Nanu Interactive develops applications that add sharing and magic to family activities. We want to enrich the things you do by using technology to make them magical.



Get in touch with us via the following methods if you have any issues with our app.

Facebook: facebook.com/PaintMyCat
Twitter: @nanuinteractive
Email: support@nanuinteractive.comĀ 


Printed Coloring Pages

To use Paint My Cat with real-world coloring, you’ll need to download and print the pages here.

Use pens, pencils, crayons, paint, or whatever you like to color the pictures, then magically bring them to life in the game with your iPad’s camera!